Messi and Ronaldo Removing Cigarette Butts from Streets of London

large litter box for cigarette butts stompies
Ronaldo’s litter box has collected more cigarette butts than Messi’s.

Most football supporters would be shocked if they were told Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo would ever smoke a cigarette, but they have nothing to about and in fact they could be delighted to know that their football heroes are helping London get rid of cigarette litter off its streets, which has caused a major problem in the past .

An English Environmental Protection Group in the capital city of London, called Hubbub, has found a clever way to keep their streets free of cigarettes, or ‘stompies’.

The EPG has produced containers in which smokers can dump their finished cigarettes, but on the container it asks the question “Who is the best player in the world?”

Smokers “vote” by discarding their cigarette ends in the slot marked for their favourite player and by the looks of it, Ronaldo seems to have scored more number of votes as there seems to be more cigarettes dropped in the slot under his name.