Animals Addicted To Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking Can kill – It has the same detrimental effect on animals’ lives as it has on humans.

Below there are images taken by pets owners who’d forced cigarettes into their animals’ mouths and made them smoke. This is definitely considered as a type of animals cruelty and abuse.

From the terrapin who smokes half a pack each day in China to Zhora the Russian chimp who was forced to enter a rehab for addiction center, the images show what could be the saddening effects of an addiction to nicotine.

About 1 in 5 deaths in the U.S. is smoking related and cigarettes alone responsible for 90 per cent of lung cancers discovered each year.

Some 35 Million people try to quit smoking in the U.S. each year – mostly as part of a New Year’s resolution!

cat sitting in room with cigarette in mouth
An addicted Cat looking up to its owner with a cigarette in mouth.

Cats can be among the worst affected animals by cigarette smoke as the carcinogens substances can stick to their fur.

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